Project Gallery – Historic Bridge Restoration – Bridgeport Bridge

This project, completed in 2010, involved the in-kind restoration and conversion of an abandoned historic pin-connected through truss that included two 124 foot truss spans for pedestrian use. The work included a substantial amount of hot metal riveting. The pier for the bridge was tipping over, slowly twisting the bridge. The trusses were removed from the river and completely and carefully dismantled and shipped to the shop for restoration, while the substructure was replaced by others. Truss restoration work included removing and replacing portions of truss members that exhibited extensive section loss. This avoided the complete replacement of truss members with severe deterioration confined to a portion of the member. Areas with lesser deterioration were repaired by welding new plate to the affected areas. Replacement of the highly deteriorated top chord and end post cover plate with a thicker, more durable cover plate was completed. The new cover plate was riveted to the bridge, replicating the original design and appearance.

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