Bridge Reuse & Restoration

  • Project Scoping: Find available historic bridges for you, or evaluate your existing bridge.

Turnkey Bridges: Bach Steel Historic Bridge Services and Resources

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERALet Bach Steel guide your project from start to finish! Bach Steel is a steel fabricator that specializes in the restoration of historic metal truss bridges. Additionally, our existing relationships with certified engineers and construction companies allows Bach Steel to arrange complete turnkey services for historic bridges:

  • Finding a bridge
  • Project scoping
  • Project estimating
  • Bridge design/engineering
  • Bridge disassembly
  • Bridge restoration
  • Bridge blasting/painting
  • Bridge reassembly/erection
  • Substructure construction
  • Bridge installation
  • Deck installation

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Below are detailed articles discussing the services that Bach Steel is proud to offer.

Need A Historic Truss Bridge? – Old historic metal truss bridges are often made available for reuse: functional and beautiful alternatives to modern bridges. Learn about how Bach Steel can find a bridge that meets your needs and restore and relocate it to your site. A perfect solution for trails, bike paths, parks, residential developments, golf courses, and even low volume public roads!

Specifications and Special Provisions – If you are a public entity, such as a Parks Department, Public Works Department, State Department of Transportation, etc. and are interested in restoring an existing historic metal bridge, or you are interested in restoring and reusing one of the many historic metal truss bridges that are available for relocation and reuse, such as in a park or on a trailway system, this page has information that may be of use to you.

Riveting: Not a Lost Art, a Bach Steel Specialty – Bach Steel is one of the few companies in the country that can do riveting. Rivets were the primary fastener type for bridges from the 19th century through around 1970, therefore truss bridge restoration requires this ability so any failed rivets can be replaced with rivets, to maintain the original appearance and design of the historic bridge. Learn more about riveting on this page.

bridge7Historic Bridge Marketing Pages – This website features some (but certainly not all) of the historic bridges that are potentially available for reuse.

Request a Bridge Quote – This is a form to contact us and begin a discussion about a bridge restoration project. However it also acts as a guide and provides some information on some of the common questions that get asked during the early stages of a project planning process.